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BodyWell is an eight-week journey that is designed to strengthen, energize, and empower you to be your best self. This journey will reconnect you to your inner strength and encourage you to believe in yourself.

The session includes:

  • unlimited in-person or virtual total body workouts
  • family-friendly meal plan, recipe book, and nutrition support
  • supplemental online workouts
  • coach accountability and goal support
  • before and after fitness assessments
  • private online accountability
  • an individualized plan and everything you need to reach your goals!

Whether you are looking for community or have fitness, nutrition, or other self-care goals, our certified BodyWell team is skilled in getting you exactly where you want to be, with more energy, confidence, and strength than you knew you had!

What is BodyWell?

What is included in the eight-week BodyWell session?

Included in your session:

  • In-person or virtual HIIT workouts twice a week (or more, if you'd like!), designed to promote core and total body strength, improved cardiovascular endurance, and maximum metabolic afterburn.
  • A full nutrition plan designed to reframe your relationship with food, and promote whole, unprocessed nutritional choices.
  • Before and after fitness assessments to help measure your progress
  • Your BodyWell recipe book.
  • Weekly meal planners and food logs.
  • Individualized goal support.
  • At-home written and streaming supplemental workouts.
  • A private, online community of BodyWell support and resources.
  • Specialized accountability and coaching designed to support you in your specific goals and overcome obstacles.

What is the workout like?

What if I'm completely out of shape?

Is this just another diet program?

What do I need to bring to class?

I'm not a mom / My kids are grown. Can I still participate?

After giving birth, when can I participate in this program?

Can I do BodyWell if I am pregnant?

What if I have special nutritional needs?